ATV Nets Simulcast on ATN!

Hams and amateur television enthusiasts are excited about the great nets they view on our YouTube channel as we air our ATN chapters and other ATV repeater systems from around the country during their scheduled nets.

“This is a one of the great perks of being a chapter with the Amateur Television Network as our system will AIR their nets on our YouTube channel – LIVE”, says Roland Hoffman – KC6JPG.

If you are interested in having your ATV system become a chapter with the ATN and be ON-THE-AIR on our YouTube channel and gain worldwide exposure, go to our contacts section and we will contact you on how to set up a dedicated streaming portal to our ATN system. You and your ATV friends will enjoy the great exposure as more of our amateur radio community are watching our ATN channel.

Be sure to check out our ATN schedule on our website so you will be able to watch other ATV systems and their net operations throughout the country on our YouTube channel.